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9 Steps To Ready Your Home For Viewings

You took a step forward and decided to sell your home. You contacted a local real estate agent, set a price and are waiting for viewings. Your realtor has organized an Open House and it’s time to get your place ready. However, you are not sure what to do so it is attractive to potential buyers. Your property has a lot of great features and you want to highlight them as best you can.

Though it may feel overwhelming there are some tried and true methods when preparing a house for a sale. If you follow these few simple steps you will find your home ready for the Open House in no time. Penticton realtor Gil Szabo has years of experience selling property and here are some of his suggestion to help you get your house into tip-top shape.

  1. Declutter

This is probably the most important step when organizing for viewings. If you have your stuff taking up space on the floors, closets and flat surfaces it makes it harder for potential buyers to imagine themselves in the space. Since you are planning a move anyways it is the perfect time to get out the boxes and start packing. Getting rid of all non-essential items will create a nice clean place.

  1. Staging

Now that you have decluttered your home and tidied up you want to start thinking about staging your furniture. If you have too many pieces in one room but not enough in another consider moving them around to create a more pleasing aesthetic. If your furniture is not up to the task put it in storage and rent some. A well-staged home increases the number of offers and positively influences the price.

  1. Repairs

When buyers view your home they are looking for any imperfections or things that may cause future problems. Go through your home and fix any dents in the walls, leaky faucets or signs of old water damage. Doing some simple repairs before bringing buyers through will show your house has been well looked after and won’t open the door for uncomfortable questions that may hinder a sale.

  1. Depersonalizing

While you may love your family picture wall and all the other items that make your home feel like your own, buyers are not interested in your adventures. They want to picture themselves in the space so packing away your personal belongings will aid them in this endeavour. Fix all the holes in the wall and find a neutral pictures to replace yours with.

  1. Paint

If your paint hues are subdued and neutral you do not have to worry about this step, however if you chose to go with bright and bold colours in some of the rooms you might want to paint over it. While you may love a bright red kitchen many potential buyers find it off-putting. Losing a sale because of the paint on your walls is less than ideal especially because replacing the paint is such an easy fix.

  1. Neutralize Odours

You do not want to cook a fish dinner the night before an Open House as your house should be fresh and clean during any viewings. Ask your realtor how the home smells as we grow used to the scent of our house. If you have pets replace their litter boxes and get the carpets cleaned. I would also suggest a diffuser with a lemon-scented essential oil. Just a couple drops so it is subtle and not overpowering.

  1. Hire a Cleaning Service 

Unless you enjoy scrubbing your home from top to bottom think about hiring a professional cleaning service to come in the day before the Open House. If you are having additional viewings throughout month get them to come in once a week to give your house a thorough clean.

  1. Curb Appeal 

Now that you have dealt with the interior of the house it is time to focus on the outside of your home. The front of the property creates the buyer’s first impression and making sure your lawn is mowed, shrubs are pruned and your flowerbeds are weeded will ensure it is a positive one.

  1. Exit the Building

Although this is pretty much a given it is good to be reminded you should not be at home during the Open House or when the realtors is doing viewings. Your presence will make viewers uncomfortable and they may rush through the house. Without you there potential buyers will feel more at ease.

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