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All you have to know to buy or sell a house successfully

Many buyers take advantage of the summer to buy or sell a house and make the move. For the operation to be as calm as possible, it is essential to know what taxes have to be paid, what financing conditions are the most advantageous, if it is more interesting to acquire a new or used house or take care of the smallest detail of the interior of the property. The objective is that the transmission for the buyer and seller is as satisfactory as possible.

Start preparing as soon as possible

  • You can start preparing your house from the moment you decide to put it on sale.
  • But, ideally, you should give yourself 90 to 180 days before taking it to the market to have enough time to update it, make repairs and order.
  • “This way you can control your pace and be strategic,” says real estate agent and representative of the National Association of Realtors of the United States, Brenda Small.

Seek professional help

  • A local Weston Real Estate  agent can give you information about similar houses in your area, the trends in prices and what you can do to show your house well.
  • We take a walk around the house to see what is attractive, what may not be attractive, and what needs repair,” says Small. “And then evaluate, based on the price, if some repairs or renovations can improve the sale of the property.”
  • You must have thick skin because it is hard to accept the criticism that professionals or contractors that you take to fix the house will make of it. Number of options available for sell home fast for cash.

Fix it

  • Many sellers hesitate to make improvements before putting their house on the market, such as changing carpets or countertops, because they believe that the buyer will want to choose their own decoration.
  • But buyers often want to move into homes that are ready to live. “Most want to have to make only minor changes and improvements,” said Small.
  • The objective is to obtain the best price for your property.
  • Here are some practical tips to achieve the desired result with little effort:
  • Save your collection of Chinese cats. Buyers should be able to see themselves living in the house, so you should eliminate your personal belongings.
  • This includes family photos, trinkets, collections, trophies and that pile of children’s shoes at the entrance.

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