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Kitchens: Design, Build and Colour It

More and more kitchen builders and designers believe in going “green” when constructing one of the most important rooms of a house. In the home improvement and building industry, “green” is the most recent catchword.

You can find many new kitchens today that are not only innovative, but environmentally friendly as well. It is an interesting development when it comes to kitchens, whether a homeowner is gearing up to build a new one or having a complete kitchen remodel for energy saving purposes.

Kitchen builders and designers recommend sustainable designs to clients during the consulting and advising process before making final plans. There are an increasing number of kitchens that are designed and built with a sensitive side to its design and style. This is achievable by using green building materials that do not release carcinogenic formaldehyde fumes as well as use paints that are known to release dangerous amounts of toxic chemicals into indoor environments.

Green kitchens are well thought of and designed to be healthier kitchens that are efficient and functional. In order to have a green kitchen and enjoy a healthy living, choose energy-saving appliances as well. You can find kitchen appliances that are created to function with less energy use like the induction cook tops, dishwashers, and microwave ovens that you can use and enjoy reduced energy consumption as much as 80%.

Kitchens should also have good ventilation by creating a kitchen with lots of windows. Another way is to use range hoods for safety. You can even start making green decisions even if you have no plans of building a new kitchen or having your current kitchen renovated. Why not start doing some changes moderately. There is no small or big steps in a “green” direction, regardless of how you do it, it can still make a big difference.

You can do some changes by opting to use storage containers that are not disposable. Go for reusable long-lasting containers pots and pans. Cooking vessels made from cast iron and stainless steel are excellent choices. No need to shoot for the moon when it comes to the cost of creating a healthy and “green” kitchen. Go for changes that will prove to you in the end that you made the right decision that is well worth the amount you paid.

Building a “green” kitchen may entail you to add at least 30% of the cost of building a traditional one. “Green” kitchens may have a hefty price tag, but the benefits that come with it are priceless. Not only you will have a home with a stunning kitchen, you will also have a healthier cooking area that functions efficiently yet you enjoy a massive reduction on energy costs. The best part is you are doing your share in keeping the environment healthy.

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