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While one or two rental properties won’t be a problem, major rental operations need an infrastructure that can help you stay on top of what’s happening. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to do this. Just invest in the right property rental software and you’ll be able to maintain information about every property and unit you own, down to the little details.

It doesn’t matter if you handle luxury villas in Florida, skiing packages in Japan, romantic chalet getaways in the Alps, or adventure packages in Alaska, a good property rental software package can help. Any business that deals with a large number of units for rent at any time can benefit from this sort of software, especially if renting for shorter periods of time. Property rental software can even help you maintain a front end for visitors to your website.

The right property rental package will allow Internet visitors see your featured units, and search among the available ones, so they can find the right place to stay. An availability checker means that there’s no worry about a customer being unable to find out if a given unit is rented or available for their use. You can also use the system to post tips and helpful articles for people renting while on vacation. These are great for giving your potential customers the information they need, and they’ll help bring people to your site from a search engine. Never under-estimate the value of helpful content for improving your visitor rate.

The ability to accept multiple currencies is a plus if you’re renting in different areas of the world, or even if you’re just expecting customers from abroad. Making things easier for visitors to your site increases the chances that they’ll make a reservation. Not having to change their currency is one important way to do this. If you’re not accepting world currencies and you want visitors from abroad, now is the time to add this feature.

From the owner’s side, a secure login and a listing wizard to help you post about your properties are a must. You’ll want an availability calendar, too, plus a content management system that’ll help you manage and edit the details of each individual listing. If you have differing seasonal rates, look for property rental software that includes a calendar for them, plus the ability to manage prices late in the season if you have units that are still available.

You should be able to tally and maintain lists of cleaning charges, security deposits, and other fees on each individual unit and property. Plus, you should have modules available to keep track of inquiries and orders as they come in. You may be able to set up your property management software as part of your website, allowing you to access it from any location at all. This makes a lot of tasks much easier. Just go through the web to deal with any problem or make any change. An integrated package is a big plus for a lot of businesses.

In some cases, the owner is the same as the site administrator. In others, you’ll have someone else using your property rental software as an admin. Like the owner, the administrator has a secure login, and while they can’t create new listings, they have the ability to approve them. Software packages should also allow admins to adjust seasonal periods to suit your area’s trends, manage featured units, and use the content management, orders, and inquiry tracking systems just like the owner. Admins should also have access to telephone booking and payment information and management, so it’s easy to deal with customers.

Of course, every business is different. Some rental companies or individuals won’t need all of the above. Others will need even more, including search bars and client management utilities. The best way to make sure you’re getting the features you need (and eliminating the ones that’ll just get in the way) is to work with a company that can customize your property management software to work with your business. Ask about features that can help you in your specific line of business – your software provider should know all about their product and what it can do for you.

If you’re tired of using many different programs to keep track of your properties, or you’re still doing things by hand, it’s time to upgrade. Look for a customized property management software package that’ll do the job you need it to, be accessible by all appropriate personnel, and add functionality to your website for potential customers. You’ll be amazed at the difference a good software package can make. Whether you rent beach side villas in Florida or ski chalets in Denver, you can benefit from software that makes everything easier. Talk to a few companies today about your options, and see how much better things could be.

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