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Property Rentals on the Beach

If you are planning a vacation to Florida, or are merely planning to stop there on your way somewhere else, you should definitely be planning on visiting some of the beaches, which are known the world over for their beauty and opportunities for recreation. Which beach to visit largely depends on what you would like to do when you are there, but with all the beach front property that Florida has to offer, there is literally any type of beach you can think of.

If you are taking the family on your trip, you should look into staying in one of the many Panama City property rentals available right on the famous Panama City beach. This beach has gorgeous white sand and crystal clear water good for snorkeling. There is also a shell island located several hundred feet off the mainland that is reachable by ferry. Panama Beach It is located on the Gulf of Mexico and St. Andrews Bay on the North West side of Florida.

If you are looking to take your dog to the beach there are many dog-friendly areas to choose from. One of the best options is the Brohard Paw Park and Dog Beach. This park is located on the beach near the city of Venice and is considered an off leash area where your dog can run free. The beaches are clean and there are shells and many other oceanic artifacts to collect that will entertain the human members of the group as well as the dogs. There are shaded picnic areas and dog drinking fountains throughout the park.

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