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Staging Your Home on a Budget

You want to sell your home but your furniture is outdated, your paint colours are too bright, and your clutter could turn off potential buyers. Lucky for you we have a few tips to help you stage your home without breaking the bank.

Everyone wants to sell their home as quickly as possible and staging can be an important component of moving a house faster. We asked top Vernon BC real estate agent Lisa Salt what to consider when staging your home on a budget. This is what she said:

Step One: Declutter the Clutter

When potential buyers walk through your front door they want to envision themselves living in your home. Having too much stuff or too many pieces of furniture can make it difficult for them to imagine themselves in your house. It is important to create a clean space. Ask yourself what is essential and either give away or store what is not.

Step Two: Neutralize the Paint

Nobody wants to paint their whole home before they sell it. However if you have a room or two that are problematic consider painting them. Maybe you have a nursery that is pink or a teenager who wanted a very dark purple wall. Take the time to repaint those rooms a more neutral colour.

Step Three: Perfect the Pictures

We all love a good family photo wall. I promise you though people looking for a new home want to envision their pictures and their art on your walls. Take your personal photos down and fill in the holes or replace them with something interesting but neutral. Go to the local thrift store they usually have an art section and you might find something suitable for a great price.

Step Four: Up the Curb Appeal

This is often the most forgotten element of staging. Sellers spend mountains of time cleaning and decluttering inside only to leave the outside of the home untouched. This is the first thing a potential buyer sees. Don’t forget to mow the lawn, sweep the driveway, and put the kid’s toys away. Washing your windows and pruning the plants can make a big difference as well.

Step Five: Clean up after Pets

While pets are family members, and we grow used to kitty litter boxes and pet hair, potential buyers do not feel the same. If you have a pet make sure to clear your house of all odours and animal hair. Make sure the kitty litter box is fresh and your terrariums clean. Steam cleaning the carpets and hiding the pet beds goes a long way in making a home presentable.

Step Six: Revitalize the Furniture

Buying new furniture can be too big of an investment when selling a house, but if your couches and chairs are looking a little worse for wear there are some simple ways to spruce them up. Get covers to hide any stains or tears. A few well-placed cushions can also help. Make your beds and put fresh hand towels in the bathroom.

Step Seven: Set Up Outdoor Spaces

Patios and backyards can be a selling feature when promoting the sale of your home. Don’t neglect this area. Make sure the decks are swept or power washed. Rake up leaves and any branches. Think about buying a cheap outdoor furniture set and face it toward your best view. Creating an outside area is like adding an extra room.

Step Eight: Beautifying the Garage

The area where we park our cars or store our extra stuff sometimes gets ignored when we consider setting the stage for buyers. Like the outside area creating a clean and tidy garage is also akin to adding another room. Maybe someone is looking for extra work space or somewhere to create their next art installation. If they can imagine this it could move a sale forward.

Step Nine: Create a Nice Atmosphere

Go out and buy yourself a cheap diffuser and some essential oils. Do not overdo it. Put in a couple drops of lemon or wild orange. This will give your house a nice clean scent but won’t be too overpowering. Buy some fresh flowers or pick some from your own garden.

Step Ten: Immaculate Floors and Rooms

Even though it might seem like a given keeping your house spotless can mean an offer or not. Hire a cleaner to come in once a week if you are too busy. Get them to scrub the floors and wash the windows. Tidy homes sell much quicker. If you have renters pay them to keep it clean or ask them if a professional can help.

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